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July 5, 2012
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Me and Tom Hiddleston! by Super-Moogles Me and Tom Hiddleston! by Super-Moogles
So there's a lot of controversy surrounding this picture right now. Part of it is my fault, because I worded my post on tumblr poorly. I worded it by using certain words that would appeal humorously to my tumblr followers, and the post went crazy and got out of hand.

This is what happened!

Tom Hiddleston is currently filming Only Lovers Left Alive a few minutes from my home town. My friend and I are horribly in love with the man, and we had heard of a few people running into him around this certain area. We drove there, parked the car, and started walking. It was hotter than the blazes outside, so we popped into a certain place. My friend decided to buy some cake, and we were going to sit inside with the air conditioning for a while.

Just then, Tom Hiddleston walked inside, and strutted his way towards the elevator. My friend's mouth hung open and she was like, "Alex alex alex," and pointed subtly. I looked up and lo and behold, it was Tom Hiddleston. He was walking a bit swiftly, but who knows, maybe that's how he always walks when he's alone. He had some kind of papers in his hands, was wearing a white V-neck T-shirt, and grey pants. He got into the elevator and saw us standing across the way. I waved at him, and he realized we knew who he was. He smiled back at me just as the door closed.

My friend and I kind of freaked out a bit. xD The only person who saw this was he cake-seller, and she thought it was funny. We decided to still sit down and eat the cake, just in case he came back down. We knew Tom was a gentleman who usually takes pictures with his fans. So maybe if he came back down for a coffee or something, he would be kind enough to take a moment with us.

We ended up sitting there for quite some time. We weren't watching any clocks or anything, we took forever to eat the cake, and then we were just hanging out. You tend to loose track of time that way! I went to go put more quarters in the parking meter, and on my way back in, I was stopped by a security guard.

The man went, "And who are you two waiting for?"
My heart stopped and I was afraid that we were being kicked out for loitering. I'm a terrible, awful liar, so I just said, "Tom Hiddleston"
He laughed and said people had been coming and going asking for him all week, but not a lot of people had seen him yet. I mentioned that we had seen him today inside, so he just decided to tell me that he was in fact in this place, and he would be there for a while. I smiled and said thank you and resumed my spot with my friend.

After a few more minutes, we realized what time it was and thought we needed to leave. We felt kind of awkward once we figured how long we had actually been sitting here. Just as we were about to leave, the security guard from earlier approached us and told us that he usually comes down around ___. And he's staying on the ___ floor, and he comes in and out of ___ door. We were really shocked that he disclosed this information with us, and thought that he should probably be fired for it. There are crazy people that would really try to go up to his floor and find him. It was a nice gesture, but a little too much information.

We went outside, and were heading back to the car. Outside there was a group of three girls who had been there longer than us. We thought they may be looking for Hiddles, so we stopped to ask them. They freaked out about my Loki figure, and we started talking. We told them that we did indeed see him inside, and they got excited. We made the decision to wait just a bit longer as a group inside, just because. We joked that he "had to come down and eat sometime". We knew that the odds of actually seeing him were really slim, but we didn't mind sitting and chatting in a group. It's not every day that you enjoy the company of fellow Hiddleston fans!

After about ten minutes of talking to them, I still kind of wanted to leave. I felt like we had been there long enough. But just then, Tom literally popped out of the elevator right in front of us. He had his sunglasses on, a grey V-neck shirt, and his black pants. He was carrying a banana and a water bottle full of green juice xD. He also had a backpack or something.

My friend just sat there with her mouth open, and the other girls didn't even see him. I just said, softly, "Tom?"
And he stopped and looked over at us. I think he was surprised that we recognized him.
I just said, "Can we please, please have a few pictures with you?"
And he smiled and told us that he was in a bit of a rush, but he didn't mind.
We all started taking pictures in a calm, orderly fashion. We didn't freak out or cry or scream or jump up and down.

I asked him to sign my Loki figure, and he was so cute about it. He's like, "Oh, you have one of these. This is cool!". Then he asked for a marker and my friend gave it to him. He looked me right in the face and asked me "Who do I make it out to?". I kind of forgot my name for a minute there. I'm like, "Alex". And he's like, "Just Alex?" and smiled. And I'm just like, "Yeah". xD I felt so dumb there but oh my gosh his face.

He wrote, "Alex, with love, Tom Hiddleston x" on the box. ;w;

After that, he had to run to do movie things, and we all thanked him for stopping. He was a total sweetheart. We all went outside a while after he departed, to make sure he didn't think we were chasing him. Unfortunately a group of three girls had literally just missed him. :( They were so upset. Somehow, Tom heard of this, and told his driver to take the car back around. He got out of his car willingly, took pictures with them, and even chatted for a while. He was so friendly and kind, and always seems to be so to his fans. I was amazed.

People are claiming that we "stalked him". I'm sorry, but if the poor man felt threatened or freaked out, he would not have stopped for pictures. He would not have been smiling at us when we weren't taking pictures. The hotel people seemed to think we were alright. The manager even sat down with my friend and I and we had a lovely conversation about trapeze artists and animators. We didn't intentionally wait there for such a long period of time, it just kind of...happened. I regret nothing, and I'm so happy to have met my favorite celebrity and idol. I will never forget this day!!!

Please do not ask my to disclose Tom's location. I will NOT tell you. It was seriously LUCK that we happened upon him. We did NOT know where he was before going there. I am not some sort of wizard, I do not belong to the mafia, and I don't know how to obtain information like that. xD I hope that if you're lucky enough, you too will meet him someday!
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Mighty-Raven Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Sounds so awesome!!!!!!!!! :D
UnderneathMe16 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Oh my gosh, that's awesome!
hot293wildcat Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014
((I met a celebrity too.))
Elvirith21 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Student Photographer
.................................................................................................................................................................. TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM Grumpy Emote 
queen-of-olympus Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014  Student General Artist
Sweet. Usually that kind of stuff only happens in movies. So sorry that people are jerks and usually go to the worst possible conclusion.
ErizuStrawberries Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omg, you are terribly loki (bad jokes, lol) ! I envy you so much *_* ! I wish I could know his future appearance (like, premiere or you know, stuff like that, red carpet)
I will fly over there, don't mind if it's in France or England or whatever, I will just buy a ticket and go, lol, just to have this tiny chance to talk to this incredible gentleman !
More I read about him, more I want to see 
everything he did, already buy one of his movie (hard to found it here, since it's not enough "popular", can't wait to : The Hollow
Crown *_*). If I were you,  I will also wait forever lol ! But, eh, sadly I don't think he will come to Quebec lol ! But, he seems to be very nice, funny and real. 
He's such a great man ! 
Probably the last real gentleman on this planet. I mean, to go back to the three girls while he was in a hurry. Just, amazing ! Anyways, you are a lucky girl ! I hope to have this
chance too one day :) !
1Carleyk Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014
Jealously. Level. Rising. Rage Stare 
Camy-Orca Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really want to meet him...
Maybe one day...
Camy-Orca Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awww LUCKY YOU :,) 
Tom and you look so cute!
Camy-Orca Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You and Tom look really cute :3
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